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Welcome to the Stylehive!

Ever seen someone on the street who's style is so cool, you just want to follow them from store to store and find out their style secrets?

Well at Stylehive.com, you can!

Stylehive.com is an online style club for people who live for fashion, design and shopping. It's where you meet your style muses and follow them as they discover and share their latest finds.

Part social-networking club, part pop-culture lab , Stylehive.com is one big ensemble cast of trendsetters creating, discovering and buying the next big thing!

A hip hybrid that connects online style addicts with one another, as well as to their favorite fashion, home goods, and other fun stuff, Stylehive.com has become the go-to address for all things fresh, hip, and now. Why?

  • Every kind of retailer (from mass to the super-edgy) is here reaching shoppers on a global scale.
  • Artists with new fashion or design creations are introducing themselves and their wares to the public through Stylehive.com, gaining notoriety with customers, and developing mass followings through the intense word-of-mouth buzz the Hive creates.
  • Incredibly cool products discovered by Stylehivers all over the world pop up almost every minute of the day, with top names in retail, and trendspotters in every style field, gushing over their favorite new Stylehive finds.

Add Stylehive's style entertainment blog HiveDaily and new lookbook site StyleDiary into the mix, and you have an unmatched destination for connecting the people who live for style, and want to share!


You don't have to join the hive to enjoy it. Casual readers can just browse, search or subscribe to it via RSS. You'll discover and share what you find in the hive by exploring tags, individual people's hives, popular or recent bookmarks, and popular sites in the hive. Or, you can simply check out HiveDaily, which covers what trends our editors are seeing emerge in the Hive.


Of course, if you decide to join the hive, you'll get to do more!

  • Build your own part of the hive by creating tagged collections to share
  • Comment and speak with other hive members
  • Build your own 24/7 shopping magazine by following the people you like
  • Build and share your own shopping "wishlists" for the holidays, weddings and parties
  • Professionals can promote themselves and get noticed by the world for their style
  • Join the fun, by helping build the hive with hot bookmarks and recruiting people with style

But, most importantly, you'll be joining a community that is reshaping the world of retail, design and fashion by changing how we shop. The people in the Stylehive are quickly becoming a major force in the shopping world and you can be part of it, and share in the rewards of the Stylehive's unique community.

Thank you for visiting the Stylehive, we hope you discover (and share) some spectacular finds. Happy hiving!

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