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The Stylehive badge is all about self-expression!

The badge works with our site and allows you to display pictures of your favorite products on your blog or website. Just bookmark your favorite gadgets, fashions, books, accessories, and trends and then tell the widget which tag to display. You can show a rotating stream of your favorite images from all your bookmarks, or from specific tags like "fashion" or "shoes". It’s easy to set up and your readers will love it.

Stylehive Members

You'll want to choose from our two badge types:

1. Create my Stylehive flash badge

  • The flash badge can be used on all types of sites, but particularly MySpace, Friendster, or other social networks that prefer flash widgets.
  • Choose a vertical or horizontal layout for your badge (show up to six images at a time)
  • Choose different background colors and transition effects for your badge

2. Create my Stylehive javascript badge

  • The javascript badge can be used on any number of blogs (TypePad, Blogger, Wordpress) and websites.
  • If you have a Typepad blog, just visit to create your widget automatically.
  • Choose different background colors for your badge to go with your blog design

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Badge Examples

Example of a Stylehive flash badge:

Example of a Stylehive javascript badge:

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